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bolig og interiør / belysning

Belysning i hjemmet
Belysning kan deles inn i ulike funksjoner, og her tar vi for oss tips og råd for hvordan du best skal få utnyttelse av lyspunkter.
  Mer om belysning
Morsomme bildeeksempler, historikk og generelt om utnyttelse av lys når du skal planlegge den riktige belysningen.

Belysning, alfabetisk

Anerkjent import- og salgsfirma innen belysning, etablert i 1974.

Lighting solutions designed for architectural and retail applications.

Utvecklar och marknadsför kvalitetsprodukter för god belysning.

Tysk. ANTA is developing and producing interiorlighting for more than 25 year. The products recommend themselves by their technical and formal quality and longevity.

Never been solely a function of seeing. Or an opportunity for formal experimentation with lamps as objects. Italiensk firma.

Svensk firma med forhandlere over hele verden. Lite informasjon om Aspeqt, men desto flere produktbilder og detaljert produkt informasjon. Produktene er også vist i miljøbilder. Belysning.

Atelier Sedap
Fransk. Plaster has been modelled since time immemorial. 25 years of research and creativity..

Ayal Rosin
Tysk. Ayal Rosin stands for fuctional yet superbly designed lightings, made for high-end materials. We believe in a continuing dialogue with architects, interior professionals and end-users.

B Sweden
Collection designed by young but recognised Scandinavian designers. Several of the lamps have won design awards, most of them are made from hand-made Swedish glass.

Bald & Bang
Dansk IQ Light. The danish designer Holger Strøm, his passion for rhombic polyhedrons.

develops and produces lamps and lighting systems, and regards light as a fundamental element of spatial design. That is why BELUX values the formal requirements set for a lamp or lighting system just as much as the light quality and the spatial impact.

Lys installasjon AS er en bedrift som har belysning og styringssystemer som spesialitet og satsingsområde. Vi dekker behov for prosjektering, levering, installasjon og vedlikehold av belysning og styringssystemer. Linker til produsenter med mer.

Tilbyr utleie av designlamper for spesielle anledninger. Nettbutikk med kjente merkevarer som best-lite, Louis Poulsen, Luceplan, Modiss pg Verpan (verner panton).

Lysbrytere. Independence, innovation and quality. Here you will find all you need to know about Berker products, systems and services.

Concieved as the first Bauhaus manifestation in the UK, known as Churchill´s travelling companion and used in several private and public installations worldwide.

Birgit Østergaard
Birgit Østergaards artistic work is at the heart of all her activities. Important exhibitions include “Cloud & Crystal” in Øksnehallen 2002 and “Morels” at Louis Poulsen A/S in 2003. Other accomplishments include winning the “Interieur 2000” international design award.

Brødrene Kolstad
Det som begynte med glødelamper er i dag en inspirerende butikk med det siste innen lampedesign. Her finner du lys som vil stimulere og beånde.

Italiensk. Søk gjøres øverst i teksten grouproductsearchome. Caimi is one of the major industries in Italy and Europe for furniture fittings and systems for the office, house and shop.

ClassiCon was founded in order to secure as wide a distribution as possible for high-quality design. We demand utmost originality, functionality and timeless aesthetics independent of fashionable trends. Har også klassiske møbler fra blant annet Eileen Gray og Grcic.

Italiensk. solutions based on highly effective production methods together with research, development and design. Products includes versatile metal furnishing systems of stylish hi-tech design, practical seating systems and original fittings and accessories.

Delta Light worldwide
Wedded to the expertise of architects, interior-specialist, designer and engineers.

Design by Frandsen
Dansk belysning. Frandsen udvikler designprodukter indenfor belysning til mennesker, der diskuterer smag før pris".

Design Belysning
Butikk/nettbutikk som selger lamper, med 25 kjente leverandører. Showroom i Oslo.

Has been manufacturing high quality vandal resistant, commercial and interior lighting products for 40 years. Our equipment is manufactured to the stringent requirements of British and European standards.

Doctor Design
Just as doctors treat people, architects and designers treat the environment we live in. They bring colour, pleasing shapes and beauty into the everyday spaces and objects, giving the consumer aesthetic pleasure and joie de vivre.

Expo Nova Lys
Et av landets ledende (lokalisert i Oslo) spesialforretning innen 'moderne og klassisk' belysning, med produkter kjennetegnet av et god design og høy kvalitet. Har en god 'spennvidde' av produkter og gode løsninger.

Light has always been a messenger of positivism, and since its beginnings artificial light has allowed us to prolong the day.

Fagerhult's business concept is to develop, manufacture and market qualified lighting systems for the respective business area. Our intention is to be leader in Scandinavia and to expand on other markets.

Fiberoptisk Lys Calco
Leverandør av fiberoptiske lysanlegg for belysning og dekorasjon. Fiberoptikk i belysningssammenheng er kort fortalt lys uten strøm og varme ved lysuttaket. Dette gjør at fiberoptikk egner seg spesielt godt i områder der vanlig belysning ikke kan brukes..

FLOS was founded in 1962. The very same year we began the production of a number of lamps that were to become classics in Italian industrial design. These first lamps were Arco.. Italiensk.

Focus Lighting
Dansk firma. Focus tilbyder lamper af høj kvalitet, skabt i samarbejd med anerkendte arkitekter. Focus kombinerer det enkle og tidløse design med optimal funktion og lyskvalitet.

The Foscarini keynote is research, into forms and materials, as well as ideas.

Francisco Lujan
Retromoderne lamper. Morsomme og fargerike lampen, bordlamper og taklamper.

Generate, gnr8
We work with forward-looking designers and manufacturers to bring light into your home in unique and unexpected ways. From interactive lamps to furniture pieces and wall hangings, we have the latest in cutting edge, contemporary lighting.

The history of glass has been characterised by many different uses right up to the present. No other material has stimulated man’s innovative spirit and creative imagination as much as the material that brings light into the darkness.

Helen Rawlinson
Helen Rawlinson has successfully established a career in lighting and textile design. Her work has incorporated illustration, print and machine embroidery with both 2D and 3D applications predominantly for the interiors market, with clients including Designers Guild, The Conran Shop and John Lewis.

Dansk. Herstal Lampe Design er en ung og dynamisk virksomhed, der i samarbejde med de bedste leverandører fra hele verden udvikler og producerer belysning i høj kvalitet og trendskabende design.

Høvik Lys
Norsk. Høvik Lys is Scandinavia’s longest established manufacturer of lamp glass, has a craft tradition. Design has been the principal area of focus since the turn of the 20th century.

Ingo Maurer
USA, Ingo Maurer, belysning, design av lamper. Lang liste over aktiviteter gjennom karrieren. Produktbilder og presentasjon av team hos Ingo Maurer.

At Innermost we love new materials and ideas, and finding out if something is opssible, especially if it seems it shouldn´t work..

Jona Hoad
Jona Hoad, who is a British designer with a growing reputation, has created this new and exciting range of lighting.

Krea Design
Tells the contemporary design with its typologies suitable for different home areas, from most private spaces to greatest living rooms.

Lighting: focus on harmony between lighting and architecture. Kreon stresses the need to think along with the architectural process and offers lighting solutions that merge into the whole.

multidimensional enterprise producing objects of illumination.. Luminous subjects to light our ambient as well as our interior world. Objects of awareness therefore, not only aesthetic, but rather ecstatic, heartmade.. Italiensk.

Laguna light
Founded in 1980, Laguna Light distinguishes itself for the production of internal lighting solutions destined mainly to the residential and contract markets.

The concept of design is hard to define; in fact, it is impossible. This being said, the word design is used nevertheless in connection with the marketing of a host of products, good as well as not so good.

Distributed exclusive lighting retailers throughout Scandinavia for more than ten years. Our office and show rooms are situated in the heart of Aarhus, enmark. Brand names: Studio Design Italia, Axel Meise Licht, Fabbian, Toplight, Oligo.

Le Klint
Tage Klint, søn af P.V. Jensen Klint, var den kreative iværksætter, der i 1943 valgte at gøre Klint-familiens folderi til forretning, og tilføjede de oprindelige Klint-skærme en afgørende detalje, nemlig den unikke gribekrave. Desuden tegnede han en række lamper, der i perioder indgik i LE KLINTs sortiment.

Leucos starts artistically in Venice, Europe heartland and cradle of Murano glass makers tradition, sets in Scorzè, in the Venetian inland.

Light Point
Dansk. Selger primært til kontrakts-markedet. Arkitektoniske lyssystemer. Leucos, Wever & Ducre, Sedap, Art Luce.

Lys er en forudsætning for liv. Uanset om det gælder livet i det store perspektiv eller helt konkret i den individuelle bolig. Af samme årsag er det naturligt at stille høje krav til de lamper, vi omgiver os med.

Louis Poulsen http://www.louispoulsen.com
Dansk. The mission of Louis Poulsen Lighting is to develop, manufacture, and through consultative sales, market lighting systems of the best quality for buildings and their surroundings.

Lighting, lamper, belysning. Ytterligere beskrivelse/ historie finner du ved å besøke nettsiden. Produktoversikt.

Lyse ideer
www.lyseideer.no, tilbyr veiledning og råd i valg av belysning , samt direkte salg. Vi tilbyr de samme tjenestene gjennom forretning på Ullevål i Oslo, i tillegg til webshop.

60 år etter start selges fortsatt original L-1 Luxo "arkitektlampen". Jacob Jacobsen startet import og salg av tekstilmaskiner. Etter hvert utvidet han spekteret - belysning og solavskjerming. Norsk.

Developing, producing and distributing lighting products since 1965. Fransk.

Materialise MGX
MGX by Materialise combines art and technology by using Rapid Manufacturing to produce this series of exceptional Design goods.

Lavalamper, for belysning litt utenom det vanlige. Lamper med lys som skifter farge når du fører hånden over og enda litt flere alternativer.

Mawa Design
Located in Kreuzberg district of Berlin he developed and produced objects for the home. He enlarged his oneman business and established a professional company.

Morsom beskrivelse av selskapets historikk, her finnes lamper for tak, vegger, gulv og bord.

Morsomme tekstillamper, flotte mønstre. Små og store lampeskjermer til tak og bord.

Modiform har specialiseret sig i import af lamper og kontortilbehør. Anta, Caimi, Creando, Oluce, Waco. Belysning/ lighting.

Kjedelig nettside, men med mange lamper som er verdt en titt. Barcelona, Spania.

moooi leads the understanding of culture, human needs and technology. contributes by creating the most succesful innovative design-collection ever. Lamper fra designbyrået Moooi, med morsomme og flotte løsninger.

Murano Due
Murano Due is a renowned company linked to Murano's ancient glass-making traditions. The company skilfully elaborates the original secrets of this craft in order to constantly propose new project themes.

Northern Lighting
Har designet blant annet lampene Snowball og Oslo.

O luce
Established in 1945, o luce is the oldest Italian lighting design company still active today. For many years it was chiefly Arteluce, Azucena and o luce that dominated the Italian scene, - strongly engaged first in the reconstruction and later in the birth of series production.

Tysk. Develop, manufacture and market worldwide high-quality lights and lighting systems. Products are characterised by an innovative combination of design and functionality of details.

startet i Norge startet i 1916. Lyspærer. Det de fleste nevner som grunn til å kjøpe OSRAM, kvalitet og levetid. OSRAM holder ledende posisjon i verdensmarkedet for lyskilder og har sitt hovedsete i München.

Pallucco surrounding
In 1980 PALLUCCO was born and it stands out because of its considerable innovative tendency towards products : audacious design, use of particular materials such as steel and metals, monochromy. Italiensk, Italy.

Philips Lighting
Philips is number one in the global lighting market, a position supported by leadership in innovation combined with a systematic approach to seeking out new market opportunities.

En nettbasert tjeneste og nettbutikk innen fagområdet belysning, som samarbeider med en rekke anerkjente internasjonale produsenter for å presentere et sortiment med mangfold, nyheter og høy kvalitet innen armaturer, lyskilder og styringssystemer.

Remake Design
REMAKE LIGHT is a modular lighting system to build and vary forms of light.

Belysning, med blant annet lamper til barnerom, og fargerike skjermer.

Sea Gull Lighting
Henry Siegel understood the value of continuity and variety, and used his design talents to create his hard - wired and portable fixtures, patenting them with an eye to the future.

Fransk, Atelier Sedap. Plaster has been modelled since time immemorial. 25 years of research and creativity..

Sharon Marston
Specialices in the design and creation of uniquw, bespoke and scurptural light installations, focusing on introduction light creatively through the use of fibre optic technology. Fiberoptisk lys, fiberoptikk belysning.

Source Of Light
Online nettbutikk med mange kjente leverandørers produkter for salg. Flos, Akari, Artemide, Le Klint, Leuchos, Louis Poulsen med mer.

Butikk lokalisert i Oslo, med showroom for diverse lys og møbel merker.

Kjempesnodig website, denne er verdt et besøk, med unik design og navigering.

Omfattende nettsted, med mange av de kjente produsentene representert. Også møbler.

Tech Lighting
Tech Lighting, this is a residential and commercial lighting manufacturer best known for its architectural grade low-voltage lighting systems.

The Glow Company
Dedicated in offering innovative, practical & fun products that glow, flash, shine or glow in the dark. We aim to constantly provide new products based on various forms of current and new technology.

Tobias Grau
Tysk. Lamper, belysning, lighting. Vunnet flere priser, Lite informasjon om firmaet. Tilbyr shopping på nett.

Tom Kirk
Designer av lamper, vegglamper, pendler, gulvlamper, pendellampe med mer.

Tre Ci Luce
Italiensk, founded by the three Cesaro brothers. The location was at that time the town of Solaro, in a 1700 sqm area with manufacturing and assembly facilities.

The success is based upon solid foundations: quality has always been a major priority, as has fairness to our business partners, commercial reliability as well as technical accuracy and farsightedness as a result of a manufacturing competence matured over decades of experience.

A leading Swiss lamp manufacturer. For more than a half century we are involved with the complex topic of lighting - and today we offer more than 5000 high quality articles and variations of execution.

Verner Panton
Dansk, Verpan. Belysning, med designlamper fra, ja, Verner Panton.

Vibia Light
Lighting that make sense. Hovedkontoret ligger i Barcelona, Spania.

Belysning, lamper for tak, vegger, bord, gulv- og utemiljø. Omfattende bildegalleri.

Design and manufacture lampshades that look great, work well and fit the spirit. Morsomme lampeskjermer som leveres flatpakket. Finnes i mange morsomme og friske farger.

We believe in intelligent light solutions for working environment. Our core competence lies in ergonomics. We are a leading international brand. We create both internal and external partnerships.

Wever & Ducré
Belgisk. Wever & Ducré was established in 1985 and at once, the company was a pioneer in architectural design lighting.

Z lamp
Z lamp tilbyr belysning för hem och offentlig miljö. Lamporna produceras i Sverige och marknadsförs av Ateljén i Anderslöv

Örsjö Belysning
has more than 50 years experience in high quality lighting solutions with high quality for different environments. Wide range of products for different purposes.

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